Decorative Arts

Psyche Mirror Ram’s horn single candlestick Italian Wall Bracket Place Cards, Germany, c. 1900
American vase Pair of Italian Finials Venetian Wall Mirror
Mirror, England, c.1860 Bookends, Borghese, c. 1920 Lacquer frame, Japan, c. 1875 Jardinière, China c. 1875
Stained Glass Window, France, c.1850 Crown Milano Bowl, America, c.1890 Bronze Sculpture of a seated girl, France, c. 1880
Pietra Dura Plaque, Italy, c.1900 Pair of Bisque Figural Lamps, France, c.1825 Minton Tile Jardinières in Ormolu mounts, England, c. 1850 Mirror, France, c.1875
Vase, China, c.1890 Bronze Sculpture, France, c.1860 Bronze Sculpture, France, c.1890 Chenets, France, c.1860.
Copper Coffee Urn, America, c.1850 Old Paris Base, France, c.1870 Perfume bottle, Lancôme “Envol”, France, c.1957 Perfume bottle, Lancôme “Flèches d’Or”, France, c.1957
Pair of Mirrors, England, c.1765